Date: 27th August 2011
Venue: Melbourne Showgrounds
Event: Manifest 2011
Frack's theme: 甘すぎプレゼント!


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Everything besides skirt: offbrand
Skirt: Angelic Pretty Present Box
(I highly recommend them! Excellent service, fast shipping and lovely wigs. I got so many compliments on the wig I can't even. Also, one of my favourite things about the wig is that it's so soft you can comb and style it really easily. It doesn't get all tangled and nasty like other wigs.)

Ooohh lookit my nails. This was the very first time I tried on fake nails and man, were they a bitch to use. I couldn't press the buttons on my phone keypad, the nails kept getting stuck in my hair, they got in the way of everything! But they were pretty so that's okay.

Kimmie, my darling friend who came with me and was invaluable in helping me do stuff while my nails were busy being stuck in whatever. The pic is tiny because I look a bit like a huge cow here.

And it's me with a random cute guy! Lol. I should have asked him which character he was cossing but I was busy being distracted by his looks haha.

This was the first time I've been to an anime convention in Melbourne and I must say I enjoyed myself thoroughly! The level of cosplay ranged from eye-poppingly amazing to mediocre. There was of course, the usual array of Naruto and Bleach and Vocaloids, but my day was made the moment I set my eyes on 2 the Kuragehime cosplayers!

Tsukimi-channnnnn <3

Kuranosuke <33333333

Teeny little cosplayers! Have you ever seen anything cuter?!

Just look at her! The amount of detail on her dress, the make-up, the eyes, everything was so perfect!

Cloud & Sephi! Gotta love the classics

This guy is so many kinds of cool.

I love Sailor Pluto. Just sayin' but I do. She doesn't get enough credit.

Some good ol' Kuroshitsuji shounen-ai


The lolis at Manifest also met up for a little picnic lunch on the grass so I got to meet all the girls again <3
Now for the lovely lolis of the day:

The cosplay competition was pretty entertaining though I could have done without some of the skits.

The Trader's Hall was AMAZINGGGG. So much better than any of the Comic Fiestas I've been to. There is actually interesting stuff to buy! There were 2 lolita stalls, One Day in Paradise (from the store of the same name owned by our lovely Marie) and Tokyo Hardcore.

I bought a beautiful new brown Meta bag from Tokyo Hardcore. Love it to bitsss. Pics of it in the next post!
So, I had to leave my rocking horses back in Malaysia (quite literally) and set up house here in Melbourne! I'll be embarking on a 3 year adventure to finish my medical degree and hopefully by the end of it I'll be a doctor! Woot.

So, anyway, I went to my first loli meet-up here in Melbourne. It was an Easter picnic organized by the lovely Kimberley! You probably prefer pics so here you go:

Date: 17th April 2011
Venue: Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
Frack's theme: 黒姫

Coordinate: JSK - Angelic Pretty;
else - offbrand.
I regretted the shoes because they were high-heeled and kept sinking into the mud.
(And I was so happy my hair didn't bomb because it was typical last minute me sticking pins in and curling it like 10 minutes before I had to leave.)
Picture taken by Catherine!

Early part of the picnic. Thank god some of the girls were smart enough to bring picnic blankets. I just brought a teeny floor cloth, which obviously did not accommodate my huge frilly behind.

Catherine, the first one I met! We both got off the tram at the same stop and walked together to the gardens. She's funny and lovely and so so adorable! There were tiny little ribbons in her hair too, which matched her dress superbly. I believe her dress is the Bodyline "Soft Cream" line. It was really cute!

Our chocolate STASH hee :3 We had an Easter Egg hunt, all made possible by Kim. She's amazing, really. Notice how the celery sneaked into the picture to make me seem less greedy.

Alice and I on the tram home! <3

Catherine and Krystal skipping away!

Alice again! She wants to start busking and we were talking about her busking while wearing lolita, which would be so cool. I would totally go and watch and fangirl at the side.

This is Roxy (sp?). She belongs to Nitty and is the cutest little Chihuahua I ever saw. A lot of people don't like small dogs because they tend to bark a lot but Roxy was such a darling. And if you rub her belly when she rolls over she just has the cutest face ever! I'm definitely not a dog person but she really won me over.

Sinny (L) & Jess (R).
I just loved Sinny's hair! I attempted that sort of hair colour once but mine was rather full of fail. But her hair is lovely! And Jess! Oh I loved talking to Jess! She's just so full of information and knowledge and you just learn tons of stuff talking to her. I seriously never knew eyelash applicators existed until she mentioned them. Now I can have pretty eyelashes without spending half an hour trying not to stab my eyeball!

Marie, owner of One Day in Paradise & Amy.
Marie was just so friendly and nice! And she had the loveliest shoes, which are conveniently in the picture so you can oogle at them as I did. They were a beautiful shade of light pink and went so nicely with her dress. That lovely long braid you see on Amy is her actual hair! She told me she's been growing it for almost 8 years now. Not only was her hair perfect, her make-up was perfect, her outfit was perfect, the tea spread with silverware and macarons and tea was perfect! her boyfriend had a really nice co-ordinate too.

Krystal! :) With her pretty parasol!

Jorge and I.
Jorge was among one of the few guys at the outing. Too bad I didn't manage to get pics of the others. Jorge's umbrella was pretty awesome, the handle looks like the handle of katana. :D

Unfortunately I didn't get her name but I loved the redXblack concept and how she coordinated everything.

Kavya! She has such beautiful features and her dress was exquisite! I loved how she paired it with a burgundy coloured blouse and with a hint of brown from the boots.

In black JSK: Amber. In tartan: Li Mei (sp?) With bunny ears: Pamela
Amber and Li Mei were the youngest ones there! Made me feel quite ancient. I wonder if when I'm going to have to quit wearing loli. I'll probably just adopt a more mature style as I go along, I can't imagine giving it up. Or make my kids wear it. Definitely going to make my kids wear it. Hmm.
Here we have Pamela and Kim, our two bunnies for the day! Oh they are just too cute <3

L to R: Me, Steph, Lauren.
The dress Steph is wearing was handmade by her! I was so amazed. I can barely sew straight and she produced a super cute dress with scallop edging and all! :O I was in love with Lauren's wig. Like for serious. It was awesome! I really love hime-gyaru type hair but my own hair is so thin it can't do anything. I need more wigs.

Amy and her boyfriend. Aren't they just the sweetest couple? :)

Finally a group picture. Picture taken by Pamela!

The rest of the photos are in this album.

I feel like I'm going to have a fantastic Easter, especially with the amount of chocolate eggs I've guzzled down in the past week. Easter hols for a week yay!